Learn to Swim for Toddlers: Lessons are usually private or shared private

Toddler Swimming Lessons

Swimmable’s toddler swimming lessons are available in either private, shared private or group classes. The group sessions have a maximum of 4 toddlers in each class. If your toddler is learning to swim for the first time, they will need to be accompanied in the water during swimming lessons and ideally by you. We always do our best to put your child in a swimming lesson with toddlers of a similar standard.

Toddler swimming lessons are 30 minutes each.

Starting your child swimming when they are young will ensure they are more confident and natural in the water and is very important from a safety perspective.

The water in Swimmable’s pool is heated to between 30 and 32 degrees and is chlorine free*, which makes it much kinder on you and your toddler’s skin & eyes. Swimmable’s toddler swimming lessons offer the latest Speedo learn to swim equipment and there are spacious changing rooms with changing mats.

Swimmable’s learn to swim instructors are all qualified and trained to STA standards, which is a UK organisation that is internationally recognised. Our teachers are experts at toddler swim classes and have years of experience.

While your toddler is learning to swim, relax with a coffee in our comfortable waiting room, which has free Wi-Fi.

About Aqua Sensory

Swimmable has introduced and now offers Aqua Sensory swimming lessons to babies and children of all ages. This approach is beneficial to anyone who would like a different experience for their child when it comes to teaching them to swim and, it is especially beneficial for children with sensory-specific or other challenges.

Aqua Sensory is a unique programme teaching children how to swim. The focus and emphasis is more child-led and learning is done through exploring all of the senses and how they integrate and enhance development and learning. Jo Wilson, founder of Aqua Sensory in the UK, explains that this method takes dryland therapies and introduces them in the pool.

Swimmable is the first Aqua Sensory accredited swim school in South Africa and Leanne Harrison, one of our senior swimming instructors, qualified earlier this year in the UK as the first South African Aqua Sensory Teacher-Trainer.